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     Luminous fine art paintings
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Owls and Puzzle Frames
Handcrafted Puzzle Frames.  Real Woods Harvested Locally. 
Barn Owl at Dusk with Puzzle Frame
Walnut Burl and Walnut Slices
Frame is app 6"
Barn Owl detail
Barn Owl Hunting Under the Stars
with Puzzle Frame
Puzzle Frame is Spalted Maple
Poplar Bark and Magnolia
Guardian Angel of the Forest
40"h x 30"w
Guardian Angel of the Forest
Great Grey Owl
Long Eared Owl
16" round
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       Melissa Enloe Walter           477 Woodland Drive  Waynesville  NC  28786       843.540.0055843.540.0055            melissa@melissaenloewalter.com
"Red Salamander at Water's Edge"   18" x 20"
with Puzzle Frame
Woods are Maple, Sweet Gum Twigs and Cypress Bark
"Screech Owl in Laurel Thicket"
40" x 40"
with Puzzle Frame
Woods are:  Maple, Myrtle and Rhododendron Twigs
"Saw Whet Owl"   7" x 5"
"Walk in Peace"  18" x 20"
with Puzzle Frame
Wood is Buckeye
Cherokee writing translates to "Walk in Peace"
"Guardian of the Sacred Cherokee Language"  60" x 36"
 featuring Cherokee letters from the Cherokee Alphabet